Apple HomePod Review

Apple HomePod Review

Apple HomePod Review

Today’s video is the Apple HomePod Review.

As with any product theres things that I do and don’t like about the HomePod so let’s get started.

The first thing I don’t like is the price, HomePod cost $349 making it one of the most expensive smart speakers available.

After using HomePod for a week I’d have to say that its definitely worth the price tag however I’d still like to see it priced around $250.

The second thing I don’t like is that it didn’t ship with the ability to pair 2 HomePods together and I know its coming later in the year with AirPlay 2.

You can also go the route of using the Mac app AirFoil which I won’t be covering further in today’s Apple HomePod Review however I wish that feature was available at launch.

The next thing I don’t like is that you can’t use the HomePod as a normal Bluetooth speaker.

I think Apple could have sold thousands more HomePods if they would have had the ability to connect to any device even if they had to add a physical 3.5mm headphone jack.

Im pretty sure i know why Apple did this and that was to generate the need to purchase an Apple Music subscription.

Apple has expressed that we are reaching the pinnacle in terms of hardware design on smartphones so Apple will focus heavily in the future on making revenue through software via subscriptions rather than focusing on revenue through hardware.

I understand that Apple wants to push their Apple music subscription service however I would have liked to see HomePod have the option to connect to a device strictly through bluetooth.

The next thing I don’t like is no multi user support, unfortunately HomePod doesn’t recognize the difference voices so once your signed in anyone can access Siri on HomePod and all songs played influences your future song recommendations.

The default option during setup is to enable personal requests, which lets you or any other person talk to HomePod to send messages, set reminders or take notes which stop working once your iPhone is out of range of HomePod, the only fix we’ve found so far is to disable personal requests in the Home app.

Now that we’ve talked about the things that I don’t like about the HomePod lets talk about the things that I do like…

The first thing I like is the sound quality, this thing sounds amazing everything from the highs to the bass sound amazing, with HomePod having the ability to adjust and produce the best acoustics for the area you place it in is an amazing feature that works great.

HomePod sounds amazing even at max volume which is only achieved by having high quality internal components, the smart speaker produces crystal clear sound in terms of frequency levels and has impressed quit a few of my family members, so when it comes to sound quality the HomePod will definitely not disappoint.

The next thing I like is how easy the HomePod pairs with your iPhone.

If you own a pair of AirPods then you’ll be instantly familiar with the pairing process for the HomePod you simply place your iPhone next to the HomePod and a tile pops up asking if you would like to pair your HomePod which then first makes sure your iPhone software is up to date then connects via iCloud and asks what services you would like connected such as access to send text messages and access notes and reminders then your up and running.

The next thing I like is the amount of weight it has to it.

f you know anything about speakers you know that the heavier the speaker the better the build quality in terms of the internal cone, magnet the pole plate and the voice coil. Apple really spent time making this an excellent sounding speaker and the weight is a good example of Apple sourcing excellent parts and of course they own Beats so they have a dedicated department for audio.

The next thing I like is how useful HomePod is.

The ability to set reminders, alarms and read text messages are all great features and that’s not all HomePod can do, it can also utilize Apple’s HomeKit features to control appliances in your home, play podcast read you the latest news you can even take a call.

Unfortunately you can’t initiate a call from HomePod but while your on the phone you can transfer the audio source to HomePod, you can connect HomePod to your Mac and also to your Apple TV and use it as a sound bar. When using Siri you can tell even though she’s more limited than the version of Siri on iPhone she sounds the most realistic shes ever sounded.

The next thing I like is how good Siri works when listening for your voice while playing music at high volume.

HomePod does a great job of determining the difference between your voice and the music playing which this feature and the automatic room acoustic adjustment features are what makes the HomePod look smart, and be honest those 2 features coupled with excellent sound quality is what has personally impressed me about HomePod.

Some of the things Apple can do to improve HomePod 2 is add the ability to make a phone call from it, make it available in more colors, add full Bluetooth support, multi user support, better Apple ecosystem integration.

A good example is you can connect HomePod to it and use it as a sound bar but imagine if you could tell Siri to open Netflix on Apple TV or when my phone rings you should be able to tell Siri to answer it on HomePod, and Siri need to get smarter hopefully with the expansion of SiriKit and HomeKit we’ll see more appliances added to the smart home list

My Final Thoughts


Apple HomePod Review

HomePod is Apple’s first attempt at a smart speaker and with any first gen products there things that’s are left to be desired, like the lack of ability to connect to a second HomePod for stereo sound.

I know that AirPlay 2 is coming but its not here now, the fact that you can’t initiate a phone call or set more than one timer is frustrating as well however for what its suppose to be and that’s a speaker it works excellent.

HomePod is for people like me and that’s someone who’s a big Apple fan and for someone that owns a lot of Apple products and utilizes Apple’s services such as Apple Music.

We’re reaching a pinnacle in smartphone hardware and I think Apple’s going to start focusing more on software and subscription based services in the future the HomePod is a classic example of this.

Apple knows they could have made HomePod a Bluetooth enabled speaker or they could have even added a physical 3.5mm headphone jack and they would have sold five or even ten times as many HomePods.

Apple instead chose to make it an Apple exclusive product which they hope will intice you to purchase an Apple Music subscription.

I have to admit I did, before I bought the HomePod I didn’t subscribe to Apple Music and now since I purchased HomePod I’ve also signed up for an Apple Music subscription.

In the end its a personal decision on wether you think HomePod is worth the $350 dollar price tag, I’m gonna keep mine and again if your heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem then I’d say go for it.

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