iPhone X Plus

iPhone X Plus

iPhone X Plus

iPhone X Plus

Apple released their most successful iPhone yet their tenth anniversary iPhone last September the iPhone X.

Now Apples looking to release a bigger 6.5″ version of it the iPhone X Plus.

The iPhone X Plus is said to feature a larger OLED screen with a smaller notch.

Apple doesn’t just plan to release this bigger iPhone X Plus they plan to release 2 other iPhones as well.

The two other iPhones are a second version of the 5.8″ iPhone X and a new 6.1″ LCD budget iPhone.

The 6.1″ iPhone is said to feature cheaper components like a LCD display and is said not to feature 3D Touch or wireless charging.

Apple could also implement a LCD 120hz pro motion display like we have on the current iPad Pros.

iPhone X Plus Screen Size Comparison

A lot of people ask me why they feel like the screen on the iPhone X feels smaller than the current iPhone Plus models if the iPhone X has a 5.8″ screen and the iPhone Plus models only have a 5.5″ display.

The answer is (and you can reference the graphic above courtesy of ReviewTheBest on YouTube and Twitter) Apple made the display on the iPhone X longer and a screen is measured diagonal so if you make a screen longer its technically bigger than a screen thats more square than rectangular since you made the edge to edge measurements bigger by making the display longer.

iPhone X Plus We went even deeper into the features that the iPhone X Plus could have in the video below and we even did a size comparison as AppleUnboxed got our hands on a physical iPhone X Plus 3D Model.

The video helps show the size of the iPhone X Plus and you might be surprised by what we found in terms of the size and also in terms of the possible change in charging methods be sure to check it out again it’s embedded below courtesy of ReviewTheBest on YouTube.

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